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    How to Get Familiar With Your Pet More From Day One?

    It’s exciting to spend quality time with your new fluffy dog in the first week, but it’s also likely to be stressful. Moving to a new house with a new family can be stressful for dogs, as well as you. By planning ahead of time, you can make the adjustment less difficult for both of you.

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    West Highland White Terrier: Picking the Right Breeder

    Do you want a Westie as a pet? What are your expectations? What do you know about the breed? You take time out to know these answers.

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    Tips for House Training Your New Puppy

    House training a puppy is one of the first, and one of the most important things, that any new dog owner must do. It is easy to get frustrated if you do not understand the basics of this important process, so we have put together a few tips to make the process of house training your puppy a little easier.

  • Pet Trusts: Do You Have One For Your Pets?

    It is no secret that people get excited about their pets. And, that feeling does not go away when it comes time to doing some estate planning for the family – because pets are part of the family too!

  • Heartworms In Dogs: What They Are & What To Do

    Heartworms (Latin name Dirofilaria immitis) are parasitic worms that are common in both dogs and cats. Like their name suggests, they live in the dog’s heart, normally free-floating in the right ventricle and nearby blood vessels. The worms are transmitted from dog to dog by mosquitoes which pass the worm larvae through their saliva.

  • The Ethical Responsible Puppy Buyer

    We certainly hear and read multitudes of opinions of what makes a responsible papillon or phalene dog breeder (and many times those opinions are biased by the writers’ backgrounds in papillons or phalenes). Rarely do you see any articles on what makes a responsible buyer of papillons or phalenes.

  • Removing Dog Urine Stains

    h those lovable dogs and their cute and clever antics! Don’t we love the way they play fetch and run and jump and roll around and lick us affectionately and pee all over the carpet and… pee all over the carpet?

  • How To Prevent A Dog Bite

    Most humans are not aware that some of their body postures when greeting an unfamiliar dog are perceived as a threat in the dog world.

  • Dog Training: What You Should Know About Using Food As Reward Training For Your Dog

    Training with treats and other food based rewards is a great way to motivate your dog and speed the training process along. Most dogs are highly motivated by food rewards, and treat training using this kind of positive reinforcement is used to train all sorts of animals, including tigers, lions, elephants and even house cats.

  • How To Stop Your Cat Scratching: Get Rid Of Those Fleas

    You know how annoying it can be when you have an itch, but you can’t reach it to give it a scratch? Well, when your cat has fleas it’s like your problem, just multiplied a hundred times.

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