Are Pets Psychic?

Because psychic abilities cannot be quantified or measured on any machine man has so far created, hard scientists prefer to say it therefore cannot exist. Thus, when it comes to psychic abilities, we are in the realm of belief rather than hard proof.

I, personally, strongly believe in psychic abilities among our animal friends. Scientists have never been able to really explain why they know many things they seem to know, or how they do things. How is it that all the birds in a flock of hundreds suddenly turn on a dime and change direction together? How is it that all the fish in a school of literally thousands do the same? How is it that animals, wildlife and domestic, apparently sense the coming of natural disasters such as earthquakes?

We know that animals have senses beyond our own. Birds can sense the earths magnetic fields, fish can sense electrical fields, cats as well as other animals sense vibrations in the ground through the pads of their feet. Knowing those things, is it so far fetched to believe they also have psychic senses we may lack – or have in a lesser degree? Here is what I know, personally.

I know that if I think at Pearl, my deaf cat, she will turn and look at me and (if she is in the mood) come to me to be petted. I know that the one time she ventured away from the apartment and was out of sight, when I could not find her, I finally stood by the door and thought at her – and she came running.

It takes at least two people to get Pearl into a travel cage – but the day she was to come home with me from the shelter, she was found waiting by the cage I had prepared for her, and allowed herself to be lifted gently inside by me alone with no sign of her usual fear and anger.

She just now came up to me as I was typing this, chirruped at me, and condescended to be petted for a moment. I think she knew I was talking about her.

I believe that animals, just like people, have varying amounts of psychic ability. To me, Pearl has a greater psychic ability than almost any cat I have ever been owned by – perhaps because she is deaf. Either the Goddess gave her greater abilities to make up for her disability, or they simply developed to a greater extent because of her disability – because she used them more.

Believe, or scoff, it’s up to you to decide for yourself. But if you are a true animal lover and have a close relationship with your pets – I think you know.