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How to Get Familiar With Your Pet More From Day One?

It’s exciting to spend quality time with your new fluffy dog in the first week, but it’s also likely to be stressful. Moving to a new house with a new family can be stressful for dogs, as well as you. By planning ahead of time, you can make the adjustment less difficult for both of you. This post talks about some useful insights that will help you become familiar with your pet from the very first day.

Things To Do To Make Your Dog Feel Safe Among Your Home Mates

You must make some special preparations before the new puppy enters your home. You should look through the points given below to ensure that your dog is satisfied with all essential items at your home.

Collect all the Essential Goods

There are so many things required to keep a puppy at your home. If you want to keep a small puppy at your place, then you must purchase all the items beforehand. Here comes the list of items:

  • Water and food bowls must be separate.
  • Talk to your vet about food and possibly some goodies for training.
  • Bed with a leash and a collar.
  • They love to bite toys, and you must purchase soft toys for them.
  • Detergents and cleaning agents to remove regular stains.

Therefore, some dog or baby entrance and exit gates must be attached to make it look like a unique pet home.

Family meeting

A small puppy is an important commitment to yourself, so be sure that you keep your attention on it. Then you must plan who will look after your dog at your home.

Make a list of the house rules ahead of time to prevent confusing the puppy. Will the dog be permitted to sleep on the bed? On the sofa? Which is the dog’s sleeping corner? Include the entire family in the decision-making process to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

House care

You should be able to take a few days to a week off work to settle in with your new puppy or dog and begin house training. It will also aid in creating a special bond between the owner and the dog, which will make training go more smoothly. Therefore, you must also ensure your dog’s safety, so do not forget to install an underground dog fence at your home.

Create a space

This will take a little more effort if you’re getting a puppy because puppies may be champion chewers and get into things they shouldn’t. However, regardless of your dog’s age, you should prepare ahead of time.

It would help if you created a temporary living corner for the puppy or dog where they may not be able to consume harmful things or destroy your furniture or important things. They’ll stay in this area when you’re not around to avoid housetraining mishaps.

Choose a location in the house which is a perfect place for them to play, so the dog does not feel isolated or insecure. The region must have easy-to-clean floor mats. The kitchen is a popular choice; you can close it off with baby gates if necessary. You can also dedicate a separate space of your house to the pet.

Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash.