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  • White long coated small dog on black wooden table

    West Highland White Terrier: Picking the Right Breeder

    Do you want a Westie as a pet? What are your expectations? What do you know about the breed? You take time out to know these answers.

  • Pet Trusts: Do You Have One For Your Pets?

    It is no secret that people get excited about their pets. And, that feeling does not go away when it comes time to doing some estate planning for the family – because pets are part of the family too!

  • Removing Dog Urine Stains

    The best way to deal with doggie urine stains is to avoid having them happen in the first place, which can be accomplished through meticulous training.

  • Scottish Terrier Dogs: Important Facts

    Historically, they were the first standard for their breed, back in 1880. So even today, when someone says Terrier, what comes to mind is the Scottish Terrier.

  • A Look at Discount Dog Beds

    It’s actually more difficult to find designer and luxury dog beds especially for oversized pets than it is to find discount dog beds for average sized animals.

  • The Importance Of The Dog’s Anal Gland

    Infected anal glands produce a discharge of pus. The infection should be fought with antibiotics so a vet should be contacted if the dog have an infection.

  • Things to think about before buying a Dog

    Owners leave, think about the decision, and go back. Avoid the temptation of buying a dog or more puppies. A single puppy will bond to its owner better.

  • Got A Cat As A Pet? Here’s How To Keep Them Healthy

    Our pet cats are often as close to us as members of our family. In fact, they virtually are members of our family! That’s why cat owners should know as much as they can about cat health. Here are the major things to know about caring for your pet cat in a loving way.

  • Pets Get Diabetes Too

    Just like humans pets can suffer from diabetes mellitus too. By a simple blood test, called fructosamine, thay can be diagnosed, and then under the care of your veterinary surgeon, often treated succesfully.

  • Dog Health Care: What You Should Know

    Dog health care is better today than ever before. Your dog’s veterinarian is his health advocate. Next time you visit your veterinarian, ask about new advances.

  • Turtle Care Advice for Colds

    Let’s talk a little about colds. Any living animal can catch a cold. The same thing can happen to your beloved turtle pet. If this happens to your turtle than there are many turtle care methods to treat your turtle.

  • About Our Fruit Flies

    The Silkworm Shop offers flightless fruit flies that are high in protein and an excellent feeder for a huge variety of small and baby animals, including reptiles, birds, spiders, mantis and amphibians. They are very useful and healthy as feeders for aquarium fish, which are particularly attracted by the fluttering flies.