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  • Leashing a Cat

    We had to find a way that the cat go outside but wouldn’t leave the yard. Shadow didn’t get the concept of staying in the yard. The job became leashing a cat.

  • Click And Treat Is For The Dogs

    Becoming the first major improvement in dog training, click and treat has quickly revolutionized itself in becoming a big hit on the training circuit.

  • Doggie Hygiene

    Washing your dog is important, but not as important as some people think. Healthy dogs actually don’t need to be washed all that often, but humans prefer to bathe them so that they have a more pleasing smell and appearance. Doggie bath time is a good time to spend with the dog, however.

  • Westie Merchandise that Benefits your Dog

    There are many places to find Westie merchandise, but before you make a purchase for yourself or your Westie, consider first a retailer or non-profit organization that uses sales of Westie merchandise to benefit the breed.

  • Animal Husbandry and Other Unnatural Acts: A Career in Dog Training

    Well, in that case, maybe you have what it takes to make it in the ruff and kibble world of canine coaching. Maybe. But before you start barking up this career tree, it might be beneficial to get a little information first. The exiting world of dog training covers several areas of expertise, so consider…

  • The Right Dog Collar for Training

    Using the right dog collar for training can make all the difference in an easy success or daunting task. A dog collar can be a great investment if you have a problem dog. This is a tremendous help with stubborn animals, or dogs that just have bad habits.

  • Training your Dog with a Training Collar

    There are many excellent training devices that can be used when training your dog. The most basic piece of equipment that every dog owner should own is a quality training collar. There are many different types of training collars, and these devices go by a variety of different names, including choke collar, choke chain, correction…

  • Dogs: Essential Accessories

    People use accessories to accentuate the beauty of a certain thing. There are also times that they buy accessories in order to protect the product against harmful elements in the environment.