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  • Aquarium Shop

    When visiting an aquarium shop you should have the type of tank that you want in mind. Or what kind of fish that you would like if you have a tank set up.

  • Choosing Healthy Foods For Your Dog

    Diabetic dogs need low-glucose foods and dogs with allergies require certain foods as well. Your veterinarian can help you choose foods that are appropriate.

  • Traveling With Your Dog: Some Tips From The Road

    We enjoy camping, and love to take our yellow lab, Kayla, along with us. With Illinois currently as our home base, we’ve taken her on trips as far away as California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and South Carolina for wonderful camping trips.

  • BARF and Raw Food for Dogs

    The BARF (“Bones and Raw Food” or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”) diet is a system of holistic nutrition which is championed by Dr Ian Billinghurst who is an Australian vet. Dr. Billinghurst has published several books on health and nutrition. The best known of these is called “Give Your Dog a Bone”.

  • Who is the Gourmet? You or Your Dog?

    Thinking of cooking up a storm for your pooch? And that I assume you’re having difficulties in convincing your pooch eating his premium dog food. There are two issues here—Home-cooked meals verses commercial premium dog food.

  • Obesity In Dogs

    Numerous studies have shown that more Americans are obese today than ever before and, interestingly, we’re not the only ones. Not only are Americans fatter than ever, so are their dogs; and the phenomenon can have serious ramifications for both groups. Obese dogs run a lot of the same risks that obese people do.

  • Nutrition and Arthritic Pets

    We have talked about the importance of both diet and exercise when dealing with a pet that has arthritis. I think that diet is such an important issue that it is one we should discuss in greater detail. It is becoming common knowledge that as humans, our bodies perform better when we eat right.