The Greyhound

A greyhound is classified as a sighthound, whose ancestry dates back many centuries BC. In 1906, America began oval track racing with an artificial lure designed to attract spectators to bet on the first dog past the post. This new trend soon caught on around the world and a new industry was born.

Greyhounds breed to race are usually retired at four years old (or earlier) and then find themselves homeless, some trainers will keep their loyal companions but many find themelves homeless. This is were a voluntary greyhound rescue organisation will step in. Giving the greyhound a second chance.

A retired greyhound has a lot to give a new owner – they make wonderful companions to both adults and children and contrary to modern myths they don’t require hours of exercise. They appriciate a brisk walk everyday and they enjoy a good run. Greyhounds have a strong chase instinct, some will have been cat tested and would happily live along side a cat or small furry animal.

The life span of a greyhound can be 12-15 years. So you can see once their short racing careers are over these loving and intelligent dogs have many years ahead of them.

About the Author

John Jones is a freelance author who also runs Toys n Treats, which carries a large selection of dog and puppy accessories invisible fence, Dog toys, and puppy supplies.