Turtle Care Advice for Colds

Let’s talk a little about colds. Any living animal can catch a cold. The same thing can happen to your beloved turtle pet. If this happens to your turtle than there are many turtle care methods to treat your turtle.

So a turtle can catch a cold just like humans or other animals. Let’s check the symptoms of a cold un humans. sneezing is one of them. A turtle can also sneeze. But if a turtle sneezes this doesn’t means that she has a cold. Dust in the nose can make a turtle sneeze too. Also the turtle can have some kind on runny nose. This is usually caused by allergies or by cold. Because turtle care is very important when your pet get’s a cold, you must be sure that the turtle really has a cold. So i advise you to take the animal to a good veterinarian.

Symptoms could be caused by just by a little cold. But you should take good care of your turtle because could also be signs of a serious respiratory infection. If this happens then medication is needed for the treatment.

What you should know is that a turtle doesn’t get a cold from being cold. If the turtle is kept to cold then her immune system weakens. So when the immune system weakens there are more cohesive for the turtle to catch a cold.

In the most common cases Colds and respiratory infections or penumonia come from bacteria or viruses causes. If the cold is from a bacterium then all turtle care advise guides and veterinarians will recommend antibiotics treatments. In this case the chances that the pet will recover are high. But if the cold comes from a virus then things are more complicated because usually viruses can’t be determined. In this unfortunate case all you can do is just sit, wait and hope.

The first turtle care advise for any cold symptoms is to keep a little higher temperature in the turtle enclosure. If the temperature will raise the immune system will recover a little. Take care that the turtle will have a very clean environment. Another turtle care advise for a cold turtle is to take it out of the water and put it in a heated box but don’t forget to check the temperature with a thermometer. If the turtle’s situation doesn’t improves then i advise you to see a veterinarian.

The real problem is that the colds, respiratory infections and pneumonia are one of the most common turtle care issues that a turtle will die from. So if you have any suspicions that you pet has a cold than i advise you to search for some turtle care sheets on the net to see what’s happening with your turtle. If you can’t figure it out and the situation agravates the you must see a veterinarian.