Types of Parrots

Interested in parrots? Welcome to the world of the flying feathers. All types of parrots are brightly colored with a few exceptions. Some types of parrots are small, cuddly and cute. Others are bigger and grander than their smaller relations. The most common types of parrots are green in color and make wonderful pets. They are usually small in size and have amazing talking abilities.

There are some types of parrots that are multi-colored. They come in bright blue, yellow, green, white and mixtures of two or more of these colors. They are often nicknamed winged rainbows. Some of these types of parrots are wild while some are docile in nature. Some make wonderful pets while some are too independent to be bound down by humans. Some types of parrots are as dependent on us as our children would be. They love company and love to mimic human voices.

Almost all types of parrots eat fruits, vegetables, chicken and a lot of seeds. Most types of parrots tend to become moody and begin to pluck their feathers if they are not in the right state of mind or if they are unhealthy. There are many species of parrots available. The most common types of parrots can be grouped under the following heads:


Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Parrots are intelligent animals that depend on some degree of socialization and will not be good pets unless they are taught and patterned to be good pets.


Macaws are flamboyant, colorful, intelligent and captivating birds. However, like ill-trained children, macaws can be a major embarrassment if they are not well trained.


In the wild conures are friendly, peaceful birds and seldom fight with each other. Conures are known for their sweet dispositions and playfulness. They definitely have a mind of their own.


Cockatoos make wonderful pets because of their sweet nature. Cockatoos love to be cuddled and bond very easily with their human owners.


Parakeets have as many variations of their breed as there are varieties of their color. ‘Parakeets’ actually means “small parrots”.


Cockatiels are ideal for the first time pet owner. They are characteristically happy and cheerful birds, never moody or demanding.


The word budgie is short for budgerigar which is a native green and yellow bird in Australia. They make wonderful pets because of their relatively gentle, gregarious and entertaining personalities.